3D Design and Animation

3D Design and Animation

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Have you ever wanted to design your own city? Now you can with our 3D design and animation course. Sketch Up is a 3D modelling programme from google in which students can transform a completely empty volume of space into anything their imagination desires. Students are taught to think outside the box and take their creativity tone new lengths with this dynamic course. At the end of this program students will have a full city walk through animation with their own colours, textures and people.

What does the course cover?

Topic 1
•Program Overview and settings for PC and Mac
•Understanding the x,y,z planes and navigating between them

Topic 2
•Understanding all tool sets and examples
•Completing class activity using tool sets

Topic 3
•Drawing plans and floor in 3D SketchUp
•Understanding layers

Topic 4
•Making basic buildings
•Modelling street views

Topic 5
•3D warehouse
•Creating a City
•Adding people

Topic 6
•Making walls, flooring and ceiling
•Adding blocks onto the face of planes

Topic 7
•Making groups.
•Moving, rotating and scaling furniture

Topic 8
•Adding colour to the 3D
•Adding and making your own textures

Topic 9
•Changing the Style of the final image
•Exporting shots

Topic 10
•Creating cameras
•Creating walk throughs

Topic 11
•Creating animations
•Exporting videos

Course Dates

September Term to be announced


Cost: 2000 AED


Laptop with 4GB RAM & wheel mouse.

  • Price :

    AED 2000

  • Start Date :
  • Duration : flexible
  • Max Availability : 12
  • Difficulty : Beginner
  • Location : The Designers Studio
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