Computer Game Development Course

Computer Game Development Course

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This computer game development course will get your kids away from the front of the screen and on the back end developing and coding their own games! This course focuses on learning the basics of HTML, CSS and Java Script, or Scratch- depending on the age group – to build some fun and popular games! By the end of this 10 week programme, students will gain the knowledge to create their own games in the future and leave with a fully functioning game that they can showcase on our show day.

What does the course cover?


Topic 1
•Setting up our Code Editors
•File Organization
•HTML Elements
•Exercise: Make a Golf Leader board

Topic 2
•Introduction to CSS
•Exercise: Let’s style our Leader board

Topic 3 
•Introduction to Flex box
•Exercise: Flex box Froggy

Topic 4
•Introduction to Java Script
•Booleans,Strings and Numbers
•Mathematical operators

Topic 5
•If/If Else Statements
•Exercise: FizzBuzz

Topic 6
•Fun Functions!
•Functions Workshop

Topic 7
•Java Script Properties and Methods Introduction

Topic 8
•Putting it all together-HTML,CSS and Java Script
•Event Listeners
•Exercise: Move Bob

Topic 9

Topic 10
•Rock Paper Scissors code reviews and solutions


Topic 1
•Introduction to Scratch
•The Scratch Editor and Using Code Blocks

Topic 2
•Sprites and Blocks
•Controlling your
•Exercise:Sprite replication

Topic 3
•Adding Levels
•Exercise: Let’s create Mario levels!

Topic 4
•Mathematical Operators
•Adding to the score
•Exercise: Add score to the Mario game

Topic 5
•Collisions with Enemies
•Exercise: Add collisions to the Mario Game

Topic 6
•If statements
•Exercise: Conditionals

Topic 7
•Shooter game functionality
•Bounce game functionality

Topic 8
•Let’s brainstorm our games!
•Game creation workshop

Topic 9
•Game creation Workshop

Topic 10
•Game showcase and code review

Course Dates

September Term to be announced


Cost: 2000 AED


Laptop with 4GB RAM & wheel mouse.

  • Price :

    AED 2000

  • Start Date :
  • Duration : flexible
  • Max Availability : 12
  • Difficulty : Beginner
  • Location : The Designers Studio
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