Interior Design Photography (Camera or Phone)

Interior Design Photography (Camera or Phone)


This beginner’s Interior Design Photography Course focusses on interior design photography for portfolios, social media and more using professional cameras or smart phones. Students can either choose to bring their professional cameras, rent a camera or use their smart phones to capture and edit imagery for social media, portfolio work, web design and more. Though the quality and features will not be as highly detailed as with a professional digital camera, these images will still have a high quality finish. The principles, techniques and skills during the course will be the same for both camera phones and digital cameras, with the exception of detailed settings and lenses.

This is a complete beginners course- students do not even know how to use a camera, our instructor will take you through the functions of the camera step by step. When you are comfortable with camera settings you will spend most of your learning off site in showrooms & editing in the classroom. Learn how to photograph residential interiors and products, how to capitalize on the space around you to find the ideal perspective using natural light. You will understand each step, from how to configure your phone camera, to the final edits of photographs using photoshop.

Capturing the essence of a space through a picture, with the best angle, lighting, and shapes requires knowledge, technique, and insight to understand and express the story that lies behind walls. Renowned photographer Vilius Brazinskas, a professional photographer, unites his knowledge in both design and photography in this course.

*** if you do not own a professional camera- TDS have relationships with rental companies which can be offered using their discount.

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What does the course cover?
Topic 1

•About interior photography
•Challenges of creative photography
•Understanding interior photography composition and lighting
•Settingup your camera and other required equipment
•Light correction techniques
•Practice shots in studio using camera settings

Topic 2

•Site visit to showroom 1 & 2
•Shooting areal interior scene in a showroom
•Product shot research
•Interior Designer shots (headshots etc)

Topic 3

•Product shot composition
•Product shoot in photography studio
•Exterior scenes & composition
•Exterior Design shoot

Topic 4

•Post production using Adobe Lightroom
•Editing images for portfolio and socialmedia
•Exporting photos
•Final project

•January 10th  to 31st Wednesday – In Studio 9:00AM to 1:00PM
  • In Studio- 2500 AED



No prior entry requirements needed.

  • Digital Camera
  • Computer with 4GB RAM
  • Photoshop and InDesign download (may be chargeable after week 1 trial via Adobe)
  • Tripod
  • Ring light (optional)

*** if you do not own a professional camera- TDS have relationships with rental companies which can be offered using their discount.

Internship & Work

Internships and the work placement program is only in conjunction with the Professional Practice Diploma. If you would like work placements it is recommended to take the higher Diploma.

  • Price :

    AED 2500

  • Start Date : 10-01-2024
  • Duration : 4 Week
  • Max Availability : 12
  • Difficulty : Beginner
  • Location : The Designers' Studio
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