Ibrahim Al Najjar

The Designers' Studio

Well, I believe I am a soul in this body, sent to this life in this world to discover, learn, explore, and seek the ultimate divine and approach the ideal, the truth, the beauty that this soul is totally passionate about. This passion is reflected mainly through the love of art and architecture, appreciating nature and beauty, and the trials in each step to get the best out of me to bring out the most refined reflection that would really be an ad in this world, useful for people and a change in our world.
Ibrahim Al Najjar, Architect/ Interior Designer & Artist, He got the bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering & Urban Design from Cairo University, 2011, completed master’s degree in urban design & Regional Planning from BTU (Brandenburgische Technische Universität) Cottbus, Germany, 2012. Being a former member of the Egyptian Fencing team and an Egyptian local former gold medal winner, UAE Gold-Silver-Bronze medalist, and player in this sport since 1996; that has built a huge impact on his character and sense of beauty, Nobility, attention to the beauty of the smallest details and moments.
Since Graduation he had been chasing his dream and passion towards architecture & art, wandering, seeking knowledge of architecture and sense of art from Germany to France to Italy, then Austria and Czech, back to Egypt until settled in Dubai since 2014, Taking steady steps towards his dream, working in the Architecture, Interior Design & Construction field in Dubai with prestigious clients and proving success in every project till date. Aside from the architectural side, His passion about art has driven him to so many fields of art; in 2015 he made a space design and art installation for FBMI (branded Rug & Carpet Company) During the event of Dubai Design week. Again in 2016 his work in illustrations for the Book “More than Vernacular” by PhD. Marwa Dabaieh has been featured in Venice Architectural Biennale, La Biennale di Venezia Architettura 2016, The 15th International Architecture Exhibition, titled “REPORTING FROM THE FRONT”.
By the end of 2019 till the moment, he started to get back to his interest in film making, Photography & Acting, started with Completion of shooting a short movie “Paralyzed” by the end of 2020, and currently working as an assistant director for an Egyptian feature movie planned to be completed on early 2022.
Ibrahim believes that if there is one thing in this life can drive his passion and motivation, it will be Art and Architecture.