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Find out more about our fully accredited interior design courses, meet our tutors, get more information and check out our fabulous studio in the heart of the Arts District- The Courtyard.


The Designers Studio’s core values are based around flexible learning options for adult education. We understand that as you get older, trying to pursue a passion, hobby or career is nearly impossible with the demands of daily life.

This is why our flexible teaching methodology allows students to feel safe and supported while learning their passion. Our unique ethos focuses on each student’s individual journey, nurturing your individuality and personal style. Studying with us is like joining a practicing design studio. You’ll work on real projects with real clients and gain hands on experience in our partner showrooms, studios and warehouses.

We have multiple learning options, face to face classes in the morning (around the kids school schedule), evening (after work) and even online prerecorded. Our courses are one morning a week over 4 weeks, which allows for flexibility with rates starting from just 2100 AED.

Why Choose Us?

  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Flexible timings
  • Excellent tutors
  • Affordable and professional
  • Program courses necessary for jobs in design
  • A great step in a career change
  • Learn an exciting new hobby
  • Over 20 years industry experience
  • Supportive group atmosphere
  • Meet like minded individuals
  • We encourage Confidence and self esteem
  • Supportive of mums getting back into study after a break
  • Buy Now pay later 0% Fees


Do I need to have any prior experience to join the course?

No. Just a passion for design. We teach you the rest.

1 I can’t draw, does that matter?

We believe everybody can draw. Our patient Educators will teach you the correct techniques to express your ideas through drawing.

2Can I bring in my own house to design in class?

Yes absolutely, we encourage all students to use real projects for their work in class.

3What level of English is required?

You will need to have conversational English to be able to take this course. Our tutors are bilingual and will be able to help you wherever possible in the lesson.

4Do you offer a Diploma?

We offer a Level 2 Diploma in Creative Techniques- Interiors with qualification number 7157-13. This Diploma is accepted internationally and can be attested in the United Kingdom.

5 How much homework and home study is there?

For beginners courses we recommend spending between 30mins to an hour on homework daily.


“Right from the moment the course began I knew I'd learn a lot from our tutor. She is thorough, patient and calm; explaining the complexities of automated drawing and computer skills in such a way that all became clear and I felt confident in my work at home as well as in the classroom. She is charming, professional while being approachable and kind! I cannot recommend a tutor more!”

— Kat Wightman

Magdalena Oram
Sarah Hamdan
Elena Antoniou
Victoria Cronin
Eve Oparina
Alexandra Garcia