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22 July 2019

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Unique DIY Creations – Decoupage Tray

Unique DIY Creations – Decoupage Tray

Unique DIY Creations are a fun an inexpensive way to spend an afternoon. You’ll be surprised at what you can knock up from just a few bits around the home.

Unique DIY Creations - Decoupage Tray

Decoupage is one of the hottest trends in the interior world with furniture and accessories being sold at 4 times the cost of a plain counter piece! However we are here to save your dull furniture pieces! There’s practically nothing you can’t do with a little bit of paper and glue! Decoupage can spice up the most boring of items and the best part is you can add your own personal unique touch!  You can go creative crazy decoupaging literally any item in your home whether it be a tray, frame, mirror, chair or table.




  • Tissue paper napkins with a pretty design,

  • Liquid glue

  • Varnish

  • Scissors

  • Any object from your home


  • Cut the image from the paper napkins out

  • Remove the backing from the tissue paper, making it as thin as possible

  • Varnish the image in PU (to seal the image) and leave to dry

  • In the meantime paint your object- in this case our tray in oil wood paint (you do not have to do this step if you are planning on covering the entire tray with images ect).

  • Once everything is dry using a thin layer of liquid glue carefully paste your tissue images onto the tray smoothing out any bubbles.

  • Once the glue is dry, varnish the tray in swift motions- leave to dry.

  • Repeat process 6 three more times.

  • Your image should look like it has vanished into the tray and Voila!

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